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40 Main Courses

  • Memories of Murni: Karen Goodman
  • My Oldest Friend in Bali: Professor Michael Hitchcock
  • The Place: Jero Asri Kerthyasa
  • Missed the 1970’s but I’m early for 2014: Peter Smith
  • More than Beauty: Grace and Elegance: Dr. Sally Gray
  • Bali… Strengthened, not Diminished: Nigel Mason
  • Arjuna and Jakpacs: Dr. Pamela Noensie
  • You Must Order the Duck: Jonathan Copeand
  • Rose, Rose, I Love You: Rose Winkler
  • Murni and Menschlichkeit: Dr. Rabbi Lennard Thal
  • Come back and have a Beer!: Wayne Lockwood
  • Terima Kasih, Murni: Sherry Davis
  • Ubud in a Rapidly Changing World: Dr. Rob Goodfellow
  • My Favourite Mother: Janet de Neefe
  • The Pioneer Interviews the Pioneer: Bill Dalton
  • Food of the Gods on the Island of the Gods:Janice Carson
  • Dark Memories of Indonesia: Jason Schoonover
  • How We Met Murni: Meitie (Cornelia) Bock
  • Reflections of a Mountain Man: Rupert Pullee
  • Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om: Forsheeza Jolly
  • My Home in Bali: Jim Omi Cramer
  • Rest, Recuperate and Recharge: Jayne Ward
  • There once was a Boy… : Victor and Tanya Korin
  • Learning and Creating: Vinder Balbir
  • Her Bali: Albert Heath 88 A Family Affair: Janet Stride
  • The Dream to be ‘Murni’: François Brikké
  • In the Company of Friends: José in den Kleef
  • Murni’s Warung: Dr. Lawrence Blair
  • Our Second Home: Colette Ghysels
  • Princess Lala (Murni) McTavish: David Raitt
  • The Human Travel Guide: Betty Hintz
  • Reflections on Ibu Murni: Peter O’Neill
  • My Friend and my Light: Laura Rosenberg
  • Dreaming and Waking: Prairie Prince
  • Remembrances of Murni’s Comfort Zone: Dr. Lisa Gold
  • The Ancestors will be Delighted: Paola Gianturco
  • Labour and Love: Dr. Sylvia Tiwon
  • In Dire Need of a Cold Drink, Cookies and 
Fried Bananas: Mary Letterii
  • Where’s My Doggy Bag?: Dausa

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