Forty Delicious Years


Murni’s Ubud, Bali was directed by celebrity photographer Kwaku Alston, who numbers Brad Pitt, Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey among his clients.

his clients.

Forty Delicious Years, 1974-2014, Murni’s Warung, Ubud, Bali, From Toasted Sandwiches to Balinese Smoked Duck

Jonathan Copeland

Rob Goodfellow

Peter O’Neill

Forty Delicious Years is the story of Bali’s most enduring culinary landmark – Murni’s Warung in Ubud. Narrated by some of the Warung’s most intriguing patrons, with a Preface by Murni herself, the book tells the story of how a humble roadside stall became an institution – in fact a must visit on a magical must visit island.

This easy to read and immensely enjoyable collection of vignettes was published to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Murni’s Warung in February 2014.


“It’s an institution. It’s a favourite; and a hive of memories and friendships. It’s Murni’s Warung.”
Jero Asri Kerthyasa

“It’s not just food and a good time that you get at Murni’s Warung, but a complete sensual experience.”
Professor Michael Hitchcock

“Murni’s Warung… the best clubhouse in the Universe.”
Karen Goodman

“Murni is and always will be one of my favourite mothers in town.”
Janet de Neefe

“For forty delicious years Murni’s Warung has been somewhere to relish life, excellent service, good food, and the company of friends.”
José in den Kleef


Bring your copy to dinner at Murni’s Warung and if Murni is there she will sign it.

If she is not there … then there is still a wonderful menu, which deserves to be worked through course by course by course by course.

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